Genshin Impact Original Soundtrack Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds

Genshin Impact Original Soundtrack Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds MP3 320kbps
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Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds

Disc 1
  1. Liyue
  2. Moon in One’s Cup
  3. Relaxation in Liyue
  4. Maiden’s Longing
  5. Sun Rises in Liyue
  6. Good Night, Liyue
  7. Call It a Day in Liyue
  8. Clear Sky over Liyue
  9. A Transparent Moon (Liuli Pavilion)
  10. Treasury from the Northland
  11. Cozy Leisure Time (Wangshu Daytime)
  12. Sojourner’s Sweet Dream (Wangshu Night)
  13. Winding River
  14. Mild Waves
  15. Rhythm Amidst the Reeds
  16. Flows of Jade-Like Water
  17. Blossoms Across the Valley
  18. Flow of Mildness
  19. Stroll in the Shadows
  20. Melodious Flute
  21. Gentle Rain
  22. Vague Whispers
  23. Legends Swept Away
  24. Joy of Returning
  25. Loner’s Departure
  26. Foxes at Play
  27. Plain of Nostalgia
  28. Another Hopeful Tomorrow
  29. This Little Light of Mine
  30. Legend of Redemption
  31. Hazy Light
  32. Scattered Amongst the Tides
  33. Rhythms from the Conch
Disc 2
  1. Peaceful Hike (Qingce Daytime)
  2. The Fading Stories (Qingce Night)
  3. Wandering Flight
  4. Faint Tracks
  5. Idle Away from Mountains
  6. Humming Amidst Rocks
  7. Above the Sea of Clouds
  8. Adeptus’ Retirement
  9. A Casual Visit
  10. A Serendipitous Encounter
  11. Freedom of Crane
  12. Rays of Sunlight
  13. Rainbow at Summit
  14. Spring in Clouds
  15. Adeptus’ Solace
  16. The Absence of Adepti
  17. Emerging Clouds
  18. Drink with a Hermit
  19. Moss Covered Path
  20. Bird Call from Afar
  21. Red Leaf on the Chessboard
  22. Secluded Sanctuary
  23. Flickering Petals
  24. Swinging in the Breeze
  25. Solitude Mountains
  26. Distant Resonance
  27. Foregone Giants
  28. Linger in the Valley
  29. Slumbering Lore
  30. Silent Ruins
  31. Lone Drifter
  32. Lost Expectation
  33. The Realm Within
Disc 3
  1. Rapid as Wildfires
  2. Chasing the Torrents
  3. Gallant Challenge
Title Glazed Moon Over the Tides
Shimmering Sea of Clouds and Moonlight
Battles of Liyue
Singer Yu-Peng Chen feat. HOYO-MiX
Philharmonic Orchestra
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
Game Ost Genshin Impact
Type Original Soundtrack Song
Duration Full Version
Size 248 MB
Language ?
Bitrate 320Kbps
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