Genshin Impact Original Soundtrack Realm of Tranquil Eternity

Genshin Impact Original Soundtrack Realm of Tranquil Eternity Full Version MP3 320kbps
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原神-寂々たる無妄の国 (Original Game Soundtrack)

Disc 1 - "Sakura and Violet Thunder"
01. Inazuma City
02. Fall of Maples
03. Separated Dream
04. Streets of Elegance
05. Lingering Blossom
06. The Land of Her Serenity
07. In the Strange Realm of Sakura
08. Blue Dream
09. Dream of Scattered Petals
10. Thoughts of Lightning
11. The Mysterious Islands
12. Sakura-Scented Kiseru
13. Her Legacy
14. Everlasting Devotion
15. Kitsune's Mask
16. Hanachirusato
17. Time to Say Farewell
18. Flickering Sakura
19. Sigh of an Old Friend
20. The Sealed Harbor
21. Island for Outlanders
22. Dream of Homeland
23. Interwoven Nostalgia
24. Preparation of Matsuri
25. Island of Hanabi
26. Murmuring Creek
27. Remaining Tenderness
28. A Harmonious Rest
29. Hakushin's Lullaby

Disc 2 - "Stories of the Floating World"
30. Where the Heart Settles
31. Miko's Night
32. Where the Shirasagi Dances
33. Shirasagi's Demeanor
34. Valor & Prowess
35. A Night Watch. Kannazuka 36. Samurai's Sorrow
37. Scarred Island
38. Silent Testimony
39. Soul of Soulless Conditions
40. Ones Who Strive to Live
41. Resounding of Silence
42. You Shall Not Tempt It
43. The Lost Mound
44. Dirge of the Soundless
45. Nothing but Ivy
46. Shadow of War
47. Another Conflict Incoming
48. Fortification of Resistance
49. Unwavering March
50. Caress of the Spirit
51. Stranded Wish
52. Busy Silhouettes
53. A Hollowed Skull
54. Whispering Tatarigami
55. Orobashi's Teaching
56. Forgotten Epic
57. Serpent's Tragedy
58. Embrace of Sea Waves

Disc 3 - "Battles of Inazuma"
59. Duel in the Mist
60. Against the Invisible Net
61. Overlord of the Thunderstorm
62. Fiery Pursuit
Title Genshin Impact Original Soundtrack Realm of Tranquil Eternity
Composed Yu-Peng Chen, HOYO-MiX
Game Ost Genshin Impact
Type Original Soundtrack
Duration Full Version
Size 282 MB
Audio MP3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 320 kbps
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