Genshin Impact Soundtrack Islands of the Lost and Forgotten

Genshin Impact Soundtrack Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Full Version MP3 320kbps
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原神-遺失と忘却の島 Islands of the Lost and Forgotten

Disc 1 - Isles of Serenity and Amnesia
01. Island of Crystal and Pearl
02. Illuminated Coral Palace
03. Peaceful Wishes
04. A Tranquil Town
05. Stroll Along the Beach
06. In a Harmonious Atmosphere
07. Stories Untold
08. What Now Remains
09. Roaming in Silence
10. Lonely Journey
11. Swath of Desolation
12. Echoes of Solitude
13. Mournful Whisperings
14. Desire for Calm
15. A Fragment of Peace
16. Slumbering Land of Neko
17. Savory Treat
18. Narukami-Bayashi
19. In a Cautious Way
20. Silent Seclusion
21. Contemplation on Eternity
22. A Sepulchral Gloom
23. When All Has Elapsed
24. Sorrows of Strays
25. Misty Truth
26. Wandering in the Mist
27. Walking a Pathless Path
28. Fading Memories
29. A Memorable Fancy
30. Ruu’s Melody

Disc 2 - Beneath the Abyssal Depth
01 Pathway to the Hidden Isles
02. Sink Into Oblivion
03. The Abysmal Region
04. The Glooming Light
05. The Shallow Melancholy
06. Drops of Time
07. Evanescent Moments
08. A Glimpse of Old Dreams
09. Like in a Haze
10. Chthonian Voices
11. The Gaze of the Ancients
12. Soft Moans of the Remains
13. The Long Dark Night
14. A Dim Echo of the Past
15. In the Brink of Time
16. Drift Along the Lethe
17. Now and Forevermore
18. At Dawn and Dusk
19. Tales of Woe
20. Tearless Souls of Byakuya
21. The Realm of Tokoyo
22. Hope or Nostalgia

Disc 3 - Battles of Inazuma 2
01 Chrysalis Suspirii
02. Saltatio Favillae
03. Bane of Ambitions
04. Thunderings of the Merciless
05. The Almighty Violet Thunder
06. Combat Beneath the Waves
07. Undersea Encounters
08. No Turning Back
Title Genshin Impact Soundtrack Islands of the Lost and Forgotten
Produced HOYO-MIX
Game Ost Genshin Impact
Type Game Soundtrack
Duration Full Version
Size 270 MB
Audio MP3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 320 kbps
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