SakuraOst is in trouble

SakuraOst encountered a quite serious problem.....!!!!!!!

Last year, SakuraOst disappeared from Bing searches. I tried to fix the problem but eventually gave up as there was no positive impact in the future. In October 2022, Google updated its search engine and the site experienced a devastating impact. SakuraOst disappeared from the search engine when using popular keywords to search for it.

I currently suggest using the site name in front of the search you do.

sakuraost yoasobi
sakuraost genshin impact
sakuraost chainsaw man

SakuraOst experienced a significant decrease in traffic and I will promptly find a solution for it.
If by the end of 2022 the problem remains unresolved, there is a possibility that SakuraOst will stop updating music. Thank you for your support so far.

In 2023, SAKURAOST decided to stop music updates. We will not disappear until now (, we will provide latest information and a new admin to manage the website if SakuraOst will be active again.
So I, admin ~ReNa, resign.